Why Mixed Age Groups?

The Preschool classroom consists of children from two and one-half years up to six years of age. This mixture of ages allows the children to learn from each other, the older children helping the younger ones with various problems and activities.

  • This allows the younger children to become more independent and not to rely totally on adults.
  • The older children learn to be patient and tolerant of others, especially as the younger children learn accepted social behaviours. They are often wonderful at soothing hurt feelings or helping new children to adjust.
  • The older children love to share their knowledge with the younger ones, and by doing so reinforce what they already know.
  • By watching the older children work, the young ones strive to challenge themselves and look forward to future activities.
  • A Montessori classroom thrives on the age mixture, and helps to form a bond only seen in small social communities and families.

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