Photo Gallery

Snack: the children choose snack when they are hungry, serve themselves, then wash up

Sensorial: Colour Box 3-grading

Practical Life: screwdriver

Art: Sponge Painting

Practical Life: Banana Cutting – to share with classmates

Math: 4 year old working with fractions

Sensorial: 3 year old building the Pink Tower

Geography: 4 year olds working with various continent maps

Geography: 3 year old learning the continents of the world

Our sandbox

Language: 4 year old working with Sandpaper Letters

5 year old peer teaching a 4 year old

4 year old sitting in Silence – the Silence Game

Language: 4 year old making words with Movable Alphabet while his friend watches

Practical Life: 5 year old making mashed sweet potatoes

Our Library

Sensorial: 4 year old working with the Cylinder Blocks, blindfolded. An extra challenge!

A view of part of the classroom

Our awesome natural playground has an imagination rich climber!


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